Fire Education Section

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The following is a list of the "Fire Safety" storybooks presented to the Burlington County Library, by this organization in Dec. 2002.

Book title Author /Publisher

"Firefighting" Jack Gottschalk

"Cut a way Firefighter" Jon Kirkwood

"Rescue" Kindersley Eyewitness Books

"New York's Bravest" Mary Pope Osborn

"Kids Guide to First-Aid" Williamson Kids can books

"FIRE" Joy Murphy

"The Great Fire" Jim Murphy

"The Fire Drill Day - Dinofours" Steve Metzger

"Clifford The Firehouse Dog" Norman Bridwell in english 4 spanish 2 4x4 pop-up books

"Dot the Fire Dod Lisa Desimini in english 1 spanish

"The Big Red Fire Truck" Ken Wilson Max

"Meet Hook and Ladder" Cartwheel Books

Tonka " Follow the Fire Truck" Cartwheel Books