New Carbon Monoxide Detector Information!

New Jersey New Law

Effective April 7, 2003

Every unit of dwelling space in a hotel, multiple dwelling, rooming or boarding house must be equipped with one or more carbon monoxide sensor devices. Wherever a municipality requires the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, certificate of inspection or other documentary certificate of compliance with laws and regulations relating to the safety, healthfulness, and upkeep of a dwelling unit in a building with fewer than three dwelling units where a change of occupancy has taken place, no such certificate shall issue until the municipality has determined either that the dwelling unit is equipped with one or more carbon monoxide sensor devices or that there is no potential carbon monoxide hazard in the dwelling unit. In the case of an initial occupancy or a change of occupancy of any such dwelling unit, no owner shall sell, lease or otherwise permit occupancy for residential purposes of that dwelling unit without first obtaining a certificate respecting the presence of carbon monoxide sensor devices or the absence of a carbon monoxide hazard.

For more information contact your local code enforcement office.